A trip to the villages of South Kynouria.

Having Leonidio as a basis, the traveller can visit wonderful mountainous and coastal routes and fell rare excitements. The wild beauty and the majesty of the mountainous size of Parnonas Mountain and picturesque villages by the sea with their ruffled coasts are gifts that nature donated generously in the region which provoke awe to the traveller.


A beautiful semi-mountainous settlement ‘’lying down’’ along the ridge of the mountain. Wander through its picturesque streets. Go uphill till Agios Nektarios where the view of the Argolicos bay and Spetses will compensate you.

Pera Melana

A picturesque traditional village built amphitheatrically viewing the Argolikos bay where the inhabitants will welcome you by talking the “Tsakoniki” dialect. Taste the local thyme honey and the traditional “diples” and try the water springing from the natural source at the village’s main square. Visit the archaeological site of Apollonas Tyritas up to the hill of Profitis Hlias and enjoy the wonderful view.

Peleta – Kounoupoxoria

Above the big valley with the wild pure beauty you will meet the sparse traditional settlements of Amygdalia, Pigadi, Peleta, Houni, Kounoupia and Vlisidia. Peleta is the head village of the area with the characteristic two-floor stone houses and the beautiful square with the maples. Taste the aromatic wine and the local delicious lamb ribs. Kounoupia is an amphitheatric village with traditional architecture suffocated by fir trees, while Vlisidia seems as if it is grown into a gully and it took its name after the streaming water.

Palaioxori -Agios Vasileios - Platanaki

Traditional leafy villages scaled in the altitude of 750-980m with impressive environment rich in gullies, fir trees, cedar trees, sources and running water. In Palaioxori you will be impressed by the beautiful stone-built mansions, the cobbled roads and its elegant square. There you can find the caves of Tristomo and Alikousti and the cave gulf of Propantes. At Agios Vasileios you can admire the fountains under the ancient plane trees and the big castle houses witnesses of the former pride of the settlement. In the wood with the fir trees and the cedar trees pops up the old ruined medieval castle. Platanaki is a small exquisite village sculptured into the leafy scenery.

Kosmas- The balcony of Kynouria

Going uphill the tableland of Parnona you will enjoy one of the most beautiful routes in Greece, trough fir trees, rare cedar trees and chestnut trees. Kosmas is climbing at 1200 m altitude into the ‘’hug’’ of Malevos and composes the most popular mountainous settlement of the area. Freshen up in the drinking fountains with the stone lions and rest under the huge ancient plane trees that shade the square. Taste the traditional home made sweets and the tasty snacks and supply yourself with rare herbs that grow in Parnonas, like mountain tea, oregano, savoury sage and thyme. The view from the forest with the chestnut trees is magic and rests the vision.