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Troumpas Family Rooms

Welcome to Leonidio

Welcome to Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia

Welcome to the genuine, “tsakoniki” hospitality that our family business “Troumpas Family Apartments and Rooms” offers you.


Leonidion consists one of the most popular climbing destinations in Greece, as there are over 450 routes with a range of difficulty from 4a to 9a.


If you are fans of hiking, you will find dozens of paths of graduated difficulty and you will enjoy routes harmoniously carved into the natural environment.


Discover the charm of the coastal areas with the charming coasts and the crystal clear waters. You can enjoy the sun and the sea in beaches ideal for swimming and relaxation.


Starting from Leonidio, the visitor can set out for wonderful excursions in mountainous and coastal routes, tasting rare excitements.

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