“Plaka” is a big hug opening up to the sea and compounds an admirably vivid place, as the multicolored pebbles communes with the deep blue crystal water. Discover the charm of the elaborate coastal settlements and the crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and relaxation and enjoy carelessly the sun and the sea.


The most popular beach of the area is 3 kilometers long and spreads up to Lakkos. A pebbly coast with crystal clear water carved harmonically to the beautiful natural environment. Opposite to the port you can find the small beach with the fishermen boats and the ducks completing the beautiful picture that resembles to island scenery.

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Lakkos is located in the area Pelia and it’s the first beach you face when you get into the settlement of Leonidio. There is a small natural pond at the edge of the beach with sweet cool water that springs from the mountain above, Spaga, and it flows into the sea.

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Grey Beach

A natural cove after Plaka, as you head to Poulithra. An isolated small sandy beach that can be reached by a path from the rural road and it offers quiet and individuality. If you are bold enough you can explore by swimming the adjoining caves.


Poulithra is 4 km away from Plaka and it provides organised beach with crystal clear water and a pebbly shore. Along the way from Plaka you will also discover many idyllic bays with quiet small beaches for your swimming.

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Ai Giorgis

A ruffled coast which starts right behind the small port of Poulithra and it ends up to the small church of Saint George. Hidden ideally into the beautiful natural scenery as the leafy slope comes down impetuously and it meets with the beach and the trees, which tempt you with their natural shadow.


It is an idyllic suntrap bay with a beautiful beach of snow-white pebbles and deep blue water. A scenery of unique beauty it is 30 km away from Leonidion and its unconditionally suggested for a dailly excursion.

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“Theopafto” is located right across Sampatiki village and it is a sandy beach with deep blue sea. It is said that its first name was “Ixthiopafto” because it was used as a natural reproductive shelter of fishes.


“Sampatiki” means ‘’If you go there you will see.’’ It is the most known seavillage of the area with its picturesque quiet port. The beautiful beach of the settlement is unfolded in the hug of the bay with fish boats and its crystal clear water making it ideal for relax, swimming and tasting fresh fish.

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This is a beach of exquisite natural environment that spreads right in front of the synonymous fish settlement. Enjoy the natural shadows of the trees and relax staring at the beautiful small rocks at the end of the beach that pop up from the sea, right next to the shore.

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Under the shadow of the mountains and in the depth of the streams of the settlement of Melana lays the beach of Kissakas. Its characteristic is the tall cypresses and the plane-trees that offer natural shadow and the impressive size of the rocks that dive from the sand to the sea.


It is an ideal beach for the lovers of isolation and placidity which spreads right in front of the rock with the three windmills, before Tyros. The access is reachable from the path which starts from the regional road towards Tyros or by boat.

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