The natural raised of the area is special and is offered all seasons of the year for small and big getaways, as the visitor can choose between sea, mountain or even combine both.

If you are lovers of the sea you can swim in the deep blue crystal clear water and relax at the pebbly beaches of the area, you can dive and explore the secrets of the sea bed, going for fishing or searching for action by doing sea sports.

On the other hand if you prefer mountain you can go hiking in virgin paths, engraved in a rich natural landscape, you can go climbing at the pompous “red rock” and its many climbing routes, you can go for an excursion at the picturesque villages which are around and visit the traditional scarped monasteries and small churches of the area, and have a small taste of the ancient Greek culture by strolling the Mycenaean and Dorian findings and monuments.

During your tour in Leonidion you can visit the Tsikalioti’s Tower. This tower was given a prize by the European Union as a monument protected by Unesco and it was built in 1808. It was reconstructed by Konstantinos Tsikaliotis who comes from the oldest and most significant families of Tsakonia. He himself was a member of the “Filiki Etairia”, a union which triggered and helped the Greek Revolution, and offered a lot of money and supplies for the battle for liberty, while he loaned much money to the New Greek Country. The castle is a characteristic type of defensive building, a stone construction with intervening additions of cermets in the turret.

Other significant towers are the towers of Polytimos and Zografou, which are on the northeast edge of Leonidio. Their beautiful glass dams at the skylights and its crenellation are saved up till today. A building of a stronghold structure, the Tower of Hatziroudis has extremely small windows in order to offer safety and crenellates with vertical slits to protect the defending.

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